The archive Walter Valentini carries out studies, survey and research to ensure the protection of the artistic heritage of Walter Valentini also survailling against false and other offenses. The Archives examines and records any work produced by Walter Valentini.


To proceed to the proper authentication of the work / works you must submit the following documents:

No. 3 photo of the front of the work at 18 x 24 cm

No. 1 photo of the back of the work

No. 1 photo of the number of stock, labels, date, signature and the original in TIFF format at 300 dpi, 30 cm in length.

All images must be of professional high quality .

The photo archive is run by Andrea Valentini, the priority is to have a constantly updated photographic image database of works by Walter Valentini.

The Walter Valentini Archives offers no service on estimates or economic evaluations of the works of Walter Valentini.

Contacts for authentication and archiving of works:

Walter Valentini - all rights reserved